Annabelle Villamarin

Annabelle Villamarin, Primary School Principal, Lancers International School, has substantial experience in a variety of roles. She has been a Teacher, Coordinator, Grade Level Head, Department Head and School Principal.

Within these posts, she has liaised with teachers in the planning and implementation of all areas of the curriculum. As School Principal, she is equipped to mentor and coach teachers in promoting international-mindedness, academic excellence, concept-driven teaching and learning and sustainable education.

She empathizes with all student concerns of both academic and pastoral nature to ensure a high level of motivation and success along with being able to meet curriculum heads and teaching staff to appraise various levels of achievement.

She is passionate about contributing to the development of the Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) and as a member of the management team and an IB Educator, she adopts strategies that ensure significant progress of the programme in the Asia Pacific Region.

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