Dr. Meena Rajesh

Dr Meena Rajesh is the Vice-Chancellor of GH Raisoni University, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

She has over 18 years of teaching experience in varied subjects such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, Strategy Management, Business Economics and Operation Management.

She also has a broad-ranging background in all facets of employee assessment, training, and professional development and is skilled in creating and managing highly productive team endeavours.

Dr Meena Rajesh has an MBA in Finance & Marketing from Kongu Engineering College.

She currently holds a high-impact leadership position requiring creative and innovative approaches to problem-solving, strategy development, brand management and operations in the Education sector.

She has been previously associated with the Raisoni Group of Institutions in various capacities such as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Principal.

Dr Meena Rajesh is a well-organized, analytical, research-oriented academician with the acuity of mind, strong persuasive and negotiation skills.

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