Dr. R.S Chauhan

Prof RS Chauhan is the Director & Professor in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Innovative Engineering & Technology Institute, Radaur, Haryana.

He has more than 22 years of experience in teaching and research and his research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation and Digital Signal Processing.

Prof Chauhan is a member of the IACSIT, a senior member of the IASET, a member of CSI and a Life Member of ISTE & IEI.

He has delivered many keynote lectures and has published numerous papers in various journals and conferences.

Prof Chauhan is also the author of a book entitled ‘Linear Control Systems’ and was invited as a plenary and keynote speaker to an international conference on ‘Eco-friendly Computing and Communication Systems’ at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra.

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