Prof. Kamal Kishore Sharma

Dr Kamal Kishore Sharma is Director General of Taxila Business School. During his career, he has worked across several sectors including, PSU, Indian Civil Services, MNC subsidiaries, universities and startups.

He is an MBA and Fellow (PhD) of IIM Ahmedabad and began his career as a Management Trainee and rose to the position of MD & CEO of an MNC.

He has taught and led many educational institutions in various capacities and has consulted, advised, co-founded and held directorships in several startups.

At IIM Ahmedabad, Dr Sharma worked with Stanford University, the United Nations Environment Program and the Government of India across several consulting and training projects.

He was a member of the founding team at the Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management where he also set up the International Centre for Excellence in Surface & Air Transport.

As a motivational speaker, he regularly participates in webinars, talks and keynote speeches.

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